Travel Blogger Interview With Anny Wooldridge Of Anny’s Adventures @AnnysAdventures

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Anny Wooldridge of Anny’s Adventures features in this travel blogger interview. She is a British traveller with a real passion for Colombia.

Anny Wooldridge of Annys Adventures

Anny Wooldridge of Annys Adventures

What is your name?

My name is Anny


Which country do you come from/call home?

At the moment I am calling Bogota, Colombia home but I am originally from Norwich in Norfolk, UK


Are you a backpacker/long term traveller/business traveller/live and work abroad?

I live and work abroad, at the moment I am teaching English as a second language in Bogota, Colombia. I have previously worked in a variety of Greek holiday resort, in a water ski school and in a snow ski resort.


How do you fund your travel (savings/work whilst travelling/other)?

I fund my travels by working in different jobs abroad or volunteering. I have worked in various countries as a water ski instructor and an English Teacher.


What is the first trip you remember taking and how old were you?

The first trip I remember taking was a trip to Orlando Florida, I think I was about 11 years old, I remember this trip because it inspired me even at a young age to travel, it was my first trip on a plane and I loved it.


Have you been anywhere which turned out to be totally different to how you imagined? If so, how?

Yes Colombia, everyone has an idea of what Colombia is like, the stereotypical Narcos TV show, with drugs and violence. This is totally incorrect. Colombia is amazing, beautiful natural wonders, amazing and kind people, it also has the best of every environment; Caribbean oceans/islands, mountains, rainforest, desert plans and countryside.

Palomino Colombia - a town on Colombias Caribbean coast

Palomino Colombia – a town on Colombias Caribbean coast

Have you had any bad experiences whilst travelling?

Fingers crossed at the moment I haven’t had any bad experiences whilst travelling.


Where is your favourite place in the world?

My favourite place in the world is Prado, Tolima in Colombia. It is a beautiful countryside village surrounded by a huge lake, the mountains around the lake are unbelievable it’s a little piece of magic.


Do you have a bucket list? If so what is on it?

Next on my bucket list is to visit more of South America; Lima, Peru, trek to Machu Pichu, Buenos Aires, Argentina and visit Chile.


Can you imagine life without travel?

Nope I tried it once, I thought about getting a job in England two years ago, I didn’t think about it for too long because I left two weeks later for 6 months in Greece.


If you were not travelling what would you be doing instead?

I honestly have no idea, I have never been a planner and travelling just kinda fell into place in my life, I have a degree in Sports Business Management, so maybe in another life I would have used that for something.


What is the name of your travel blog and the url?

My travel blog is called Anny’s Adventures and my url is


When did you begin your website Anny’s Adventures?

I started my website in November 2015 but actually didn’t start working on it properly until February 2016.


Why do you write (for money/connecting with people/therapeutic/fun)?

I write articles and guides to show people travelling misconceptions, help people be happy and encourage them to travel.


What makes your site so unique and why should people read it?

My site is unique because my story is unique, my experiences have been very different from others and travelling helped me get my life back on track a few years ago.


Do you have any products or services to offer?

I would love to help anyone with trip planning or giving advice about working abroad and how to find jobs.


What has been your most successful blog post to date and what was it about?

The most successful post on my blog is either A beginners guide to finding jobs abroad or top 40 things to do in Florida.


What has been your favourite article to write either for your blog or another publication?

Any articles about Colombia are my favourites, showing people how amazing the country can be and proving their misconceptions wrong.

Barichara Colombia - a beautiful colonial town in Colombia

Barichara Colombia – a beautiful colonial town in Colombia

What is your favourite mode of transport? (plane/train/boat/car)

I love to fly, it’s fascinating to me how you can be in one place and then between 1 and 11 hours later you can be in a completely different country with different cultures.


Do you have any advice or tips for aspiring travellers?

Don’t be scared to travel, many people don’t think they can travel, whereas in fact everyone can travel people just choose not too, people think travelling is scary, lonely and expensive. When in reality it doesn’t have to be any of these things. Travelling is the most fun you will ever have, you will never regret it. You never hear people say “oh I really regret spending a month in Australia”. Just go and worry about it later.


What has travel taught you?

Travelling has taught me so many things; confidence, ability to meet people, throwing myself in unknown situations, communication skills, TO BE HAPPY, when you move away from society you discover what you truly want and what makes you happy.


Tell me a little about your hometown?

I am from a small village in the East of England, close to the city of Norwich in Norfolk. Norfolk is a beautiful part of the world because it has the best of everything; countryside, coastline and cities. Norfolk was a nice place to grow up, safe and an everyone knows everyone sort of place.


What are some of your hobbies?

I enjoy water skiing, as well as being a water ski coach I compete myself in competitions. I also enjoy reading and exercising.


How do you stay healthy whilst travelling?

I like to walk, walk around a new place, discovering beautiful sites. I also enjoy yoga, you can do yoga anywhere; a park, beach or by a pool.


Quick fire questions:-

Favourite airline? Avianca

Favourite country? Colombia

Favourite city? Bogota, Colombia

Favourite beach? Palomino, Colombia

Favourite food? Chinese

Favourite language? Spanish


Please provide the following:-

Website url?

Twitter handle?


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  1. As someone who writes about Pakistan, I can certainly appreciate how you feel about Colombia – we really should be too scared to travel to some places… there’s so much beauty out there to see…

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