Interview With Travel Bloggers Darren + Shelley Of Finding Beyond @FindingBeyond

This travel blogger interview features Darren & Shelley of Finding Beyond. A couple who had a bad experience in India but still love many things about the country. What is your name? Hi, we’re Darren and Shelley of Finding Beyond   Which country do you come from/call home? London, England   Are you a backpacker/long […]

Interview With Travel Blogger Angela Haines of SlumdogSpirit @slumdogspirit

This travel blogger interview features Angela Haines of SlumdogSpirit. A blog about the reality of working and travelling in India. What is your name? Angela Haines   Which country do you come from/call home? U.K   Are you a backpacker/long term traveller/business traveller/live and work abroad? I am an on/ off backpacker and volunteer in […]

Interview With Travel Blogger Shilpa Mary George Of Chasing Sunsets @chasingsunsets1

This travel blogger interview features 3 very enthusiastic Indian travellers. Please meet Nandini, Roomi and Shilpa of Chasing Sunsets. What is your name? Roomi, Shilpa & Nandini. Yes, three names as there are three of us. Regular girlfriends who promised each other we will meet every year in a new place after we had to […]

Interview With Travel Blogger Samantha Bilkey Of Samantha En Route @samanthaenroute

Today’s guest offers a word of warning about when you are offered cake, it might not be the cake you expect! Yes, it is time for a travel blogger interview with Samantha Bilkey of Samantha En Route. What is your name? Samantha Which country do you come from/call home? USA

Interview With Travel Bloggers Kaspars And Una Of We Are From Latvia @KasparsMisins

Many people travel with conventional forms of transport. Yet how would you like to try cycling instead? Today’s interviewees bought a couple of bicycles and decided to cycle across India. Please meet Kaspars and Una of We Are From Latvia. What is your name? Kaspars and Una. Which country do you come from/call home? We […]

Interview With Travel Blogger Thomas Andersen Of Cycling The Globe @cyclingtheglobe

Today I feature an amazing story of someone who is not only travelling the world, they are actually doing it on a bicycle! Please meet Thomas Andersen of Cycling The Globe. What is your name? Thomas Andersen Which country do you come from/call home? Denmark

Interview With Travel Blogger Flip Of Flip Nomad @flipnomad

Interviewing today’s travel blogger Flip was a real pleasure. He has some great stories including Indian rickshaw drivers and a picture gone wrong at the Taj Mahal. Please meet Flip of Flip Nomad. What is your name? Flip   Which country do you come from/call home? Philippines

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