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This travel blogger interview features Two Tall Travellers, Jade and Kev. Read on to find out why they just love Noodle and Dumpling.

Jade and Kev of Two Tall Travellers at Yala National Park, Sri Lanka

Jade and Kev of Two Tall Travellers at Yala National Park, Sri Lanka

What is your name?

We are Jade and Kev, a British couple currently living in Beijing!


Which country do you come from/call home?

We are both from England. Jade lives in a town near London, and Kev is from the south coast.


Are you a backpacker/long term traveller/business traveller/live and work abroad?

Our final goal is to save enough money to buy a property in England, so we work whilst we travel. We’re teaching English at the moment, and plan to work on a farm in Australia from September. Along the way we have had some incredible backpacking trips though, including Cambodia, Thailand, Sri Lanka to name a few!


How do you fund your travel (savings/work whilst travelling/other)?

Teaching English in Asia can be very lucrative so that’s what we’re focusing on right now. Not only do our day jobs pay well, but we have also both taken on some private teaching gigs which supplement our monthly income quite well.


What is the first trip you remember taking and how old were you?

Jade: I remember going on lots of trips to Spain when I was a child. Those trips made me appreciate the gorgeous Mediterranean culture, but I also had my fair share of full English breakfasts there too!

Kev: I was about 5 when we visited Loch Ness in Scotland. We toured through the Scottish Highlands in a motorhome and the memories of that make me excited for Jade and I to live in our own campervan in Australia next year!


Have you been anywhere which turned out to be totally different to how you imagined? If so, how?

China is totally not what we expected. Living in Beijing, we are always a stone’s throw away from luxury shops, flash cars and rich families. Before we came, we imagined that it would be difficult to find public transport, let alone experience a subway system better than the one we’re used to in London! As China is so big, there are lots of areas that are still developing so that’s what we thought we would arrive to. In reality, the big cities are just as developed and if not more, than places in the West.


Have you had any bad experiences whilst travelling?

We’ve been quite lucky with our trips; never have we experienced a sickness bug or had to claim on our travel insurance. However, travelling through Southeast Asia in the humid rainy season proved quite testing when our laundry just wouldn’t dry for weeks! It was so frustrating having clean clothes yet being unable to wear them because they would just begin to smell damp … then washing them again only for the rain to continue …

Kev of Two Tall Travellers Receiving a Wristband from a Monk at Angkor Wat

Kev Receiving a Wristband from a Monk at Angkor Wat

Do you have any funny travel stories?

So many of our travel stories are funny – mainly because we try and not take ourselves too seriously!

Kev once wanted to get some good GoPro footage of himself jumping in the waves, so ran headfirst into one, got battered by the water and hurt himself in the process, then realised he had the camera turned the wrong way … As you can imagine, Jade stood laughing rather than being sympathetic …


Which is the worst place you’ve been to and why?

We spent one night in Colombo, Sri Lanka, and had a terrible experience. The hotel was on a dodgy back street, and we weren’t even given a blanket to sleep with?! We didn’t actually see any of Colombo during the day, but we had heard that it’s a place to crash after your flight arrives there and leave straight away the next day! Considering how many other beautiful places there are in Sri Lanka, we’d be inclined to agree!


Where is your favourite place in the world?

Jade: I love travelling and exploring new countries, and I would have to say my favourite country would be Thailand. But I am also still in love with England, and the city of Brighton brings back so many good childhood memories that it would definitely have to top my list!

Kev: Yala National Park in Sri Lanka was absolutely beautiful. We were incredibly lucky to see a leopard cross the road in front of our jeep, so I’ve got amazing memories from there!


Do you have a bucket list? If so what is on it?

We don’t really have a bucket list as such – our plan is just to see as many amazing places as we can before coming back and settling to life at home!

Sunset at Coral Beach, Koh Ta Kiev in Cambodia with Two Tall Travellers

Sunset at Coral Beach, Koh Ta Kiev in Cambodia

Can you imagine life without travel?

Not at all. We’re lucky to be in a position where our whole lives revolve about which country we will travel to next. When it all finally winds down, we’ll definitely still be travelling. Luckily, we still have much of Europe to explore together so weekend trips are still on the cards when we have full-time jobs!


If you were not travelling what would you be doing instead?

We both left our jobs in England because they weren’t the right fit for us, even though we’d spent a lot of time training for those particular careers. So we’re travelling specifically because we had no other path to follow! Is that a cop-out answer?! Maybe we would be in jobs we hated looking for ways to travel the world 😀


What is the name of your travel blog and the url?

Our blog is called Two Tall Travellers and you can find us at!


When did you begin your website Two Tall Travellers?

Jade originally began the site in 2015 with a different domain name when we arrived in Beijing but it was more of a travel diary (YAWN). We decided to become more serious about the blog in May 2016 and changed our domain name then.


Why do you write (for money/connecting with people/therapeutic/fun)?

Originally, we wanted to share our stories with our friends and family back home. Now, we realised it could be so much more fun and exciting to actually use the website as a platform for sharing on a bigger scale.


What makes your site so unique and why should people read it?

Having a couple write a blog can give different perspectives on the same destinations. We’re living in Beijing but soon will be moving to Australia so we’re all about variety!


Do you have any products or services to offer?

Currently we’re focusing on our articles and website content, but we’re working on some travel resources that we wish we’d had when planning our first trip behind the scenes! Those will be coming soon!


What has been your most successful blog post to date and what was it about?

Our most successful post was titled ’10 Things to Know Before Moving to China’ – pretty self-explanatory! The most surprising point was probably the fact that when you’re given a national holiday, half the time you actually have to work on the weekend to make up the day!


What has been your favourite article to write either for your blog or another publication?

Jade: I really enjoyed writing about Koh Ta Kiev – the Cambodian island that we stayed on for three days. It made me realise how amazing the trip was – sometimes you don’t appreciate it until you’ve already left!

Kev: The best post for me was about Waterbom Water Park in Bali. We had such a fun time using the GoPro on the slides, so when it came to editing the footage for the post, we probably spent just as much time laughing at ourselves as I did writing!


What is your favourite mode of transport? (plane/train/boat/car)

Travelling by sleeper train was a great experience, but if we’re planning a trip that doesn’t really allow for long journeys then a plane is really the way forward! Also Jade once got seasick on a pedalo so we’re trying to avoid boats from now on!

On a Sleeper Train in Vietnam with Jade of Two Tall Travellers

On a Sleeper Train in Vietnam

Do you have any advice or tips for aspiring travellers?

Don’t spend your life savings on one trip. Some people take the plunge and go on a year-long trip but then have to come home to reality. Move to a cheap country and get a job – use it as a base to travel! That way, you’ll always be able to return to your home comforts of your own bed (travelling is great but your own bed is king), plus you can save up easily for lots of little trips. Asia is a great place to do this!


What has travel taught you?

We have learnt that if you put something off, then you’ll either never do it or you’ll lose out because you waited. Book the flight – otherwise the prices will go up. Buy the street food today and not “tomorrow” – you’ll regret having a McDonald’s! Just say yes now and question your sanity later!


Tell us something unexpected that has happened to you on your travels

Last year, Kev found a tiny kitten alone in a shed at school. After fostering him and nursing him back to health, we decided to keep him! We named him Dumpling. He needed a friend too so we adopted a brother for him, who we called Noodle. We’ll be taking them both back to England where they’ll stay with Kev’s mum until we return from our travels!


What is your typical daily budget whilst travelling?

We would love to live a life of luxury whilst on a trip but unfortunately teaching English doesn’t pay THAT well! In Asia, we have tried to stick to a budget of around £60 per day for two people. On our first trip to Cambodia, Vietnam and Thailand, that included accommodation! However, we found that hostels and hotels were slightly more expensive in Sri Lanka and Bali so that daily budget left those out.

Jade and Kev of TwoTallTravellers at the Rice Fields in Ubud, Bali

Jade and Kev at the Rice Fields in Ubud, Bali

How easy was it to adjust to life in Beijing?

The company we work for helped organise all the daily life bits and bobs, such as a bank, phone and accommodation. It made it easy for us to settle in. Generally, Beijing is quite metropolitan and there are areas that aren’t that different to back home. We can go shopping in Nike, have dinner at Pizza Hut and see an IMAX film whilst stuffing our faces with popcorn. On the other hand, if we want to immerse ourselves in Chinese culture, we’ll wander down a hutong alley, snack on Chinese bbq and watch the old men fly kites in the park.


Quick fire questions:-

Favourite airline? Sri Lankan Airways

Favourite country? Thailand

Favourite city? Hanoi

Favourite beach? Koh ta Kiev – Coral Beach

Favourite food? Pad Thai

Favourite language? Mandarin


Please provide the following:-

Website url?

Twitter handle? @two_tall_travel



Instagram? twotall_travellers


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  1. Living in Beijing sounds lovely – watching the old men fly kites in the park = <3

    Meanwhile, we've got the rainy season coming soon here in Pakistan – I'm not looking forward to the damp laundry :/

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